USCIS FOIA Request for I-140 Questions & Answers

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Dear Anilji,

I have a query regarding the FOIA request we raised for my spouse’s I-140 approval copy please. Detailed scenario as below:
Request #1 - Sent email with scanned copies of notarized documents (Form G-639 + Passport) - no response received over 30 days

Request #2 - Tried to raise a request online, attached scanned copies of notarized documents (Form G-639 + Passport) - upload kept failing. So rebooted my computer and raised request #3 as below

Request #3 - Raised request online successfully with notarized documents attached (Form G-639 + Passport) and also got a ‘Control Number - NRCXXXXXX’

Now I have received a mail by post from USCIS asking to prove self identity with a UNPXXX-. I think this may be due to Request #2 where the documents failed to get uploaded.

Question: What should I do now?

  1. Send them the notarized copies and give them the NRC control number that I was able to successfully generate on the 3rd attempt?
  2. Ignore that mail and let them process Request #3?
    Please advise. I dont want them to reject either of the requests due to any duplication.

Thank you so much,

Hi @Namz

How do you know that USCIS has responded to your Request 2 and not 3?

USCIS must have mentioned a reference request number and would have given instructions on how to send them the documents.

In any case, i suggest to follow the instructions and send the documents. Do not ignore.

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You are right, we do not know which Request # they responded to - thank you for your kind suggestion Anilji, we had all documents notarized, so immediately sent them the requested details and documents via registered post. Hoping they provide us the I-140 approval copy soon. This helps - thank you so much again.

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Hi Anil,
I submitted my request on 03/21/2019 and got NRC number. Its been more than 5 months and still it shows “777 of 4512 pending requests”. Will it take this much time. Is it possible to expedite it? Can I resubmit the request as I didn’t mention my Alien Number in previous one. Please let me know.


Hi Anil,

I have filed FOIA for my approved I140 and received approved petition. But didn’t get the approved I797. Can you tell me the procedure to get the approved I79?. Do you know the reason why I didn’t get the I797?

Can we transfer to other company with approved petition with out having I797?


Hi @Srinivasan

There is no way to expedite the FOIA request.

Hi @External

You can use the i140 receipt that USCIS has given you for filing your H1B transfer. They usually do not issue/share the approval copy.

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Hello Anil,

I have a question. Do we still need to fill form G-639 , get our identification notarized and send it to USCIS for online FOIA request submitted through FIRST website ? Or these are not mandatory for online FOIA requests for I140 copy.

Hi @ravi2405

If you follow online process, then follow the online instructions. I am not sure how it works.

@Anil.Gupta Status of my FOIA request for I-140 information shows completed in FIRST website but document section does not show anything other than acknowledge letter which I initially got ~10 days filing my request. I have seen someone in the discussion face similar issue not sure if he got his documents.

Can someone help me understand further on what is going on.

Hi @nkn19

You can reach out to USCIS and ask for the document. It seems that many people face this same issue and it is most probably an issue with the FIRST website.

Calling USCIS will help.