USCIS FOIA Request for I-140 Questions & Answers

hey @nkn19 - Did you get your documents later on? I am in the same boat and don’t see the 140 document either.

Hi @nkn19 / @YesJay,

Did you find out how to get the documents?
I am in same situation, not sure how to download the documents. My case status shows Completed in USCIS FIRST portal but couldn’t find any documents except acknowledgement letter.

Please help.

Hi Veera,

I called the helpline number and also sent an email to USCIS. Both of them didnt resolve the issue. I didn’t have any other choice but to raise a new request and hoping this time they upload the document after ‘completion’ stage.


I raised FOIA request onlline.

Did you find out how to get the documents? My case status shows Completed in USCIS FIRST website and I am trying to register case using pin that I received in acknowledge letter but I am not unable login using that pin. getting error as “Unable to register Case. Please make sure case number and pin entered correctly.”

Does anyone know how to reset the pin. Can someone help me to see if I am doing anything wrong.

Also, how can I check if I have chosen electronic option or mail option?

will USCIS send an hardcopy as well?

Please help

In case of online FOIA, your case will be registered by default and you see that registered case in portal and get the acknowledge letter, meaning you don’t need to explicitly register the case by using PIN. The acknowledge letter is just for your reference and you don’t need to do anything with acknowledge letter and PIN.

Initially your registered cases status is “Submitted”, then it will change something like - “Files Requested”, “In review”, “Completed” .

Once status is completed, you should see the documents requested in Document library section.

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Thank you for your response. they uploaded my documents after a week from changing the status to completed under document library section.

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Congratulations @Devaki_S and thanks for sharing the update.

Hi All, My FOIA status shows “In Progress” when I use this link But when I login to my FOIA account it shows as “Completed”, but there are no documents in “Document Library” section (except Acknowledgement letter). Did anyone experience this issue? If yes, what does this discrepancy mean and when did you receive the documents you requested for?

Please let me know if you need more details to address this concern. TIA.

Hi @hithere

One person experience the same and informed us that his i140 document was uploaded in documents section after 10 days of request completion.

This seems to be an issue with USCIS website. You can either call USCIS or wait for a week or so to see if the document shows up.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, Thanks for the quick response. I will wait for a week and then call USCIS. I will post the update here as soon as I have any.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, I can see the documents in “Document Library” section today (3 days after the completion). As many people mentioned in the forum, I too have received I-140 petition that my employer filed. It has receipt number, priority date, approval date and stamp. Is this document sufficient for H1B transfer to different employer and porting the priority date?

@All, Did anyone receive I-797 approval notice of I-140? If yes, please let me know if you mentioned any specific details while submitting FOIA request.


Hi @hithere


You can use this document as a proof of i140 approval for H1B extension.

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Hi Abhi, I am also in similar condition.

I am planning to raise a FOIA request for my I140 detail as I don’t have the receipt number, but I am confused which I94 I should provide.

Do we need to provide the latest I94 or the I94 detail we provided while filing the I140.

I am asking this question because my I94 changed after I filed my i140 and now I am planning to raise FOIA I am bit confused which I 94 I should provide? Could you guide? Appreciate your help.

Hello Everyone, wanted to share my experience with online FOIA process for I140 copy
1/21/2020 Created online account and submitted FOIA request with family and personal details, uploaded previous H1B extension copies
1/24/2020 Status changed to Files Requested and they uploaded acknowledgement letter, request queued at 5015
3/12/2020 Status changed to Files Received, queue at 2566
3/19/2020 Status changed to Case in Process, queue at 2050
3/20/2020 Status changed to Completed, they uploaded I140 copy within 4hrs of status change

Note: Please do not rely on the completion date they give, at least in my case it showed 2/16/2020 but actually I received the documents on 3/20/2020

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Hi @Ganesh_123, you can put the latest I94 and put your latest petition number and upload copy of your petition. These numbers help them locate you quickly. Let me know if you have further questions

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Need some help. I have raised the FOIA request in online with G-639 and passport notarized and uploaded for my I-140 approval copy. The team was responding with 76 pages of complete I-140 documents. But I have not received I-140 approval copy. I called them and asked for the same they are saying that we have a complete set of your I-140 that is what they have shared to me that 76 page one.

Any suggestion or help how to get my I-140 approval copy, my employer is not sharing at all.
In that 76 pages I see one section Alien No: which is written with pen manually is that same number that is my I-140 Beneficiary/Alien number? which start with A- with 9 numbers.

Thank you!

Hi @vikki123

Which ‘team’ are you talking about here?

Check where all can you find your A number.

Team means FOIA team. Alien number and Beneficiary number both are same for i-140?