USCIS H1B Site Visit Documents - Questions & answers

In my case, last week USCIS officer contacted to my client manager then he reached out to my employer to get my contact details and setup telephonic interview with me over the phone next day and requested few documents to share with him after interview along with DL and Company ID card.

He used his USCIS company email I’d for all communication and shared his business card as well on my cell.

Dear Anilji… Good Morning.

Sharing my experience with regards to this post. 3 weeks ago I too got a call from an officer and he introduced himself and said he wanted to meet me to verify the details. I work in an EC model.

He asked me to come to the Client’s work location and asked me to get a list of documents with me. I thought it was a spam call and was very skeptical.

Also, the client office is currently closed and we are all WFH. I told him so. He then asked me to come over to my employer’s office, which again I was not sure if was open.

He then wanted to meet me at any public parking lot. I was extremely confused and skeptical. He knew all the correct details, addresses (client, employer, my home).

Also to add on to it I had a major surgery 3 days before he called and was not in a medical condition to meet him outside.

He then asked me to meet him at the USCIS office near our location and asked us to ask for him when we arrived. I was not sure if telling him about my surgery that late in the conversation would have any effect on my casework.

So despite my medical condition i went there along with our medical paperwork.
He asked us to return home while promising he would not let anyone or anything affect my case paperwork.

Called me over the phone 2 weeks post that incident and asked me usual site visit questions.

Said I was the bravest kid he’d met, scolded me for not telling him about my surgery and going to the office in that condition and asked me to email a set of documents (God bless the beautiful soul!).

Was extremely infinity nice, kind and helpful. Just thought of sharing it with you in case this helps anyone else… Thank you so much. God bless you for your groups and the help you’ve been providing to everyone. :pray:

Case closed with a note - get well soon kiddo, hope you continue to do well in your career

Totally unique situation, and thanks for sharing.

Do always engage or notify your company attorney in all these communications. Sometime spams or extortion can happen with lot of fraud cases on the rise.