USCIS - H1B to H4 COS is pending due to security checks

Hi Anil

So our I539(H1 to H4) and EAD (I765)petition was filled on 20th Sep in VSC. Since I765 processing time has already passed normal, we filled an enquiry through Senator. USCIS responded to the inquiry that I539 is pending due to security checks.
Any idea what exactly it means and have some one come across this scenario and how long it can take to resolve this.


Security check is an internal USCIS administrative process where they check person’s background if their system flashes some kind of threat.

This is normal and happens with many people.

The most common reason for security checks is when you have changed your US address multiple times in previous years.

Have you been changing your residence frequently?

Hi Anil

In past 5+ years we have changed address 3 times but it was within the same community.
Now based on your comments, i looked at the documents we submitted to re look at the addresses. The physical address in the I539 form and the address in pay stubs is different.

Is that something which can be flagged as threat?
Any idea what we can do now in terms of options…

It is possible that your address changes have triggered the security check. I have seen it in many cases.
You cannot do anything about it.

USCIS will complete their background checks and then will approve your i-539. Don’t worry.

Security check can take some time. So, just have patience.

Hi Anil, so we recieved EAD card now but no news on I539(h1 to h4 cos) , it still says case received at uscis. Any inputs, pls?

Well, you need to wait till you receive your H4 COS approval.