USCIS H4 case approval pending - Is submitting a case inquiry the best option?

My I539 application for H4 extension was filed on May 28, 2019 and I received the receipt notice but still waiting for the approval.

Per the processing time info on USCIS website, it can take up to 5.5 months for approval to arrive i.e. till Nov 10. What are my options if the approval notice does not come by this date?

Is submitting a case inquiry the best option? What is the process and timeline of the case inquiry?
Can somebody share their personal experience about the same. Thanks!

Hi @Divya

Submitting the case inquiry is the only option you have for H4 extension application if it passes the date mentioned on USCIS website.

You have to use SR request raise option on USCIS website.

Not sure why you are worried about H4 extension approval? You can stay in US if you filed the extension before your current i94 expiry with no issues.

Thanks Anil. I need to travel to Canada before 11/30 else I will lose my Canadian PR. In such a case, when H4 extension is not approved and I travel out of US, will USCIS abandon my extension application?

Yes, your H4 extension will be abandoned.

If you had plans to travel for Canadian PR, you should have planned for it. You can go for H4 visa stamping in Canada and come back.

I checked with my husband’s law group and they told me that my H4 extension will not be abandoned. He asked me to travel with my husband’s H1B docs passport, visa stamp, I94, recent pay stubs.

I have never been in such a scenario before so I am not sure if this will work at US port of entry. I am yet to receive clarification from him if I can go for stamping in Vancouver based on my husband’s documents.

If not, then I will have to sit and wait in Vancouver till my approval notice arrives, which is the unknown and frustrating part here!

If I or the law group submits my case inquiry, is there a confirmed quick response time?

Hi @Divya

If you already knew the answer from law group, then i am not sure why you asked it here.

H4 extension is meant to extend your i94 while you keep staying in US. If you leave while extension is pending, USCIS will NOT issue a new i94 once they get your exit information. This effectively means abandoning the pending H4 extension.
Did you clearly ask the law group about this? If not, then ask again if you will get a new i94 with new extension or not.

In some cases, USCIS does issue a new i94 if they have not received your exit information at the time of taking decision on your application. But, this i94 is effectively useless as you would be issued a new one when you enter USA.

There is NO confirmed response time as far as I know. I am sure your law group must have an answer for this as well. Please check with them too.

What is your suggestion based on my current situation? I don’t want to give up my Canadian PR for H4 extension.

Hi @Divya

Please use your best judgement. I do not have any suggestion at this time. Sorry.