USCIS RFE Response Review Processing Time Questions & Answers

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Hi Anil Here’s my scenario

L1B Individual visa extn filed on 30 Jan 2019 under regular category got RFE on May 10 2019 - details not yet received -
H1B 2020 application under regular processing got picked up in lottery

Will USCIS be opening premium option in June for H1B applications which are selected in 2020 lottery ?

My 240 days max limit ends on Sept 28 2019 - hence looking for getting status out of the two possible categories successfully

USCIS will announce H1B premium processing start date for April 2019 lottery selected applications in June 2019.

You should be able to get H1B approval in premium before Sep 2019 end.

Thanks Anil that helps

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Hi Anil,

thank you for your help in this forum.
I am on an L2 Visa and submitted my EAD request in February (receipt date Feb4th) at Vermont.
In April, I received an RFE because USCIS had lost the pictures attached in my application and they requested new ones alledging missing pictures. After sending new ones (receipt date April 11th) I am still waiting on approval.

Do you know if it will be much longer? Can I request premium processing for this? Do you think contacting the Ombudsman will make a difference?

I am very desperate and I have a job offer pending. I requested an expedite at the end of March as I had high hopes based on forum success stories but it was denied.

I reached to my Congresswoman but they said Vermont expedites are rare if the cause is not death related (if it helps anyone).

I really don´t know what else to do and the company is waiting for me but I don´t know how much longer…


Hi @marinaaj

I see that you have tried all possible options to expedite your L2 EAD request. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get approval faster that I know of.

Waiting is the only option.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Based on your experience, do you think the wait will be much longer? There are not many RFE forum posts about pictures but most of them are resolved within a few weeks so I feel like mine is already taking longer than normal… do you think it will be sorted out soon?

Thanks again,


Hi Anil the 240 Days counter starts for the L1B Individual extension application date i.e., 30 Jan 2019 or the date RFE is responded ?

Hi Anil the 240 Days counter starts for the L1B Individual extension application date i.e., 30 Jan 2019 or the date RFE is responded ?

Hi @marinaaj
You will get the approval soon. Don’t worry. Do not stress yourself for anything that’s not in your hands.

Hi @MRA007
The 240 day counter starts from i94 expiry date.

Hi Anil has USCIS started accepting premium applications for April 2019 selected applications which were initially filed under regular category

Hi @MRA007
H1B premium processing is now open for H1B consular processing cases that was not allowed in April 2019.

It started from June 10, 2019

Thanks Anil that’s helpful

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Hi Anil!
Sorry to bother you again.
It has been 60 days since USCIS acknowledged receipt of my RFE. According to the letter, I should be able to ask for a service request but when I try to submit a case inquiry through the website, it automatically says they are still under normal processing times.

Do you know if I am doing something wrong? How can I submit a service request to ask about my case if RFE has been pending over 60 days?
Thank you again for your help,


Hi @marinaaj

You cannot submit a service request till the time your case receipt date is not older than the date mentioned by USCIS for your service center.
RFE 60 days is just a generic rule and they do not let you raise requests if 60 days have passed.


My Amendment was filed with Vermont on 17th Dec 2018 and received RFE in January for SOW & BRM letter which was submitted in March 14th. It is since then in RFE review, any idea when I can expect a response?


Hello @Anil.Gupta,

I have a similar question. My Amendment was filed on 24th October, 2018 in Vermont and on 24th January, 2019 I received RFE for only BRM letter and as per USCIS site RFE respond was received on 18th April, 2019.
Can you please guess when can I expect result?

Hi @N_CJ and @biswadip

The current RFE response time is average of 70+ days at Vermont service center.

Hi Anil does H1B has any start date ? like 1st Oct - ideally it has been case for 1st time traveller - however since i am already here and if i get my H1B approved - does that i can use that status only from 1st of Oct or date doesnt matter.