USCIS RFE Response Review Processing Time Questions & Answers

Hi @MRA007

Each first time H1B that goes through cap subject lottery has the earliest start date as Oct 1.

It does not matter if you are already in US or not.

Hello @N_CJ
Have you received any Response?

Nope! Due to the delay, I had to withdraw my Amendment as the opportunity was lost.

Thank you for your response.

Hi Anil,

I just want to know the time frame for responding to RFE, It is showing as Request for Additional Evidence Was Sent on june 12 th 2019 for my case , so can I know till when I have time to respond back to USCIS.

Hi @chandu

Assuming you are talking about H1B case, it is taking 90+ days on average to get an RFE response.

Hi Anil,

Yes you are correct I am talking about H1B, But my question Is once we recieve RFE from USCIS how much time we have to respond back to the RFE

Hi @chandu
USCIS will mention the time you have to respond in the RFE letter.
For some people, they give 60 days time and for others 90 days depending on the kind of paperwork requested.

Thanks for the reply Anil,

I have one last question as you said we will have 60 days or 90 days to respond back to USCIS.

Can I know how these days are calculated is it from the date that is showing on USCIS case status or from the date the lawyer receives the mail?

Hi @chandu

The time will be mentioned in the letter as to when the counter starts. Please wait for the RFE letter.

hello Anil,

My wife’s h1B petition 2020 petition was filed with premium processing, We got the RFE with a response due date of August 23rd. All documents were mailed to USCIS on august 22nd on overnight delivery.

When do you think we should expect to hear back on the decision. Thanks.

Hi @Karthick1288

RFE response time is 90+ days at this time.

What was RFE about?

hello Anil, The RFE was to prove that she qualifies for the position we applied for .
Unfortunately, her petition got denied late friday afternoon and we are waiting on the denial reason.
She’s currently working on h4EAD and thankfully we have some time.
Thanks for your time.

Hi @Karthick1288

Sorry to hear about the denial.

Hello! My H1B Transfer was filed on 9/13 in PP. Today the site shows an RFE was sent out. How does an RFE get sent to my attorneys in premium processing ? The attorney says they havent received anything and it will take them 1-2 weeks to receive it!

Hi @Ra_Ra

The RFE letter is sent by USPS mail to your attorney and he is right that it may take 1-2 weeks to arrive.

The only extra thing in premium case is that your attorney receives status updates on email too. The actual RFE letter will only come by postal mail.

Thank you ! Does this mean the email does not have any details for the attorney to start preparing in advance until the snail mail is received ?

Hi @Ra_Ra

Email from USCIS only tells the top level status and has no RFE details.

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