Use different DS-160 after scheduling OFC appointment


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I have to get H1B+H4 stamped and I’m eligible for dropbox. I paid the fees and scheduled an OFC dropbox appointment at hyderabad. After scheduling the appointment I noticed that the DS-160 for one of the H4 dependent is wrong. By mistake I used a DS-160 number used 2 years back for initial H4 stamping.

Now I don’t see an option to change the H4’s DS-160 number in ustraveldocs. Is there a way to do that?
Is there a solution with and without cancelling the appointment?



I think you can just carry the correct DS-160 and explain to the agent at dropbox. You may want to call VFS and double check.

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Thank you. I was able to call customer care and change the DS-160 number.

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