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@Syed_Roshan_Zameer Thanks for sharing. Good to know that June 2021 cases have started getting PERM approvals.

did you get approval today itself or today you got info from attorney on approval ?

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Possibly the case was approved and attorney shared it with him the same day…We are guessing.

Why are the approval dates so random ?

This is user shared data. So, whatever their case filing date is and based on when they receive approval, they share it here.

The Question is do we know if DOL process the PERM case in First IN First OUT ? . It looks like that’s not the case. Do we know ?

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They usually process as FIFO. It’s just that some people report their case approval and most don’t.

The list you see here is sorted in order of the person updating his/her case. So, the dates might seem off but they give you an idea of what case numbers or month is currently being processed.

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If FIFO I should rather look at the filing dates of these reports and compare to mine? My filing date is 06/18 and I already see 06/24 coming in (not just one). Should I contact my attorney?

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There is no need to contact the attorney. You should get approval within next 2-3 weeks as per current trend.

Once approved, your attorney will get notification from DOL and they should inform you.

Hi Anil, thanks for your excellent work. I have a question regarding the estimate calculator. That logic is built off user data from here and those who share their status with you, right?

The estimations are real-time and are based on user entered case status, DOL and other forums where people share their data.