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Nice. Congratulations. Is there any way to expedite perm process. My priority date is june 1

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As far as we know, there is no way to expedite PERM process.

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@Anil Gupta, my priority date is June 21,2021. Have been seeing few folks with later priority date getting approved. Although, haven’t heard anything from employer. Is PERM processing really a fist-in-firt out basis? Just asking because It looks like you have been closely monitoring this for serval year now, or May be I am
Wrong. Just looking for suggestion. Thanks!

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I believe that cases get assigned to officers in FIFO manner. Now some officer may spend some more time on specific case or not and that may be the reason behind a little delay for them.

But, more or less, the pattern of FIFO is visible.

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Thanks for the response @Anil Gupta. Guess the office on my case has recently been transferred from DMV…lol… Good Lord!!


@ravi27 My PERM was filed on 07/26. No response yet. Any idea if audit comes, generally within how much time of filing, it usually comes?

@ravi27 it is FIFO basis but many people team is working on it so at a time team working on different date application. who will approve first it will come.

@ravi27 The audit come when the processing starts for the month the PERM was applied. Right now June perms are being processed and july perm will start from Dec. So if audit comes for your application, it will be mostly during Dec month.