Using i-485 EAD while H4/H4 EAD in process

I applied for H1 extension + H4 Extension + H4 EAD together normal processing in Feb 2021.
I got H1 extension approved. H4 and H4 EAD application status shows case received, Still waiting for H4 biometric appointment.
My spouse’s passport expired in March 2021. The passport renewal was applied and received the renewed passport now.
Most likely the H4 extension they will issue RFE due to expired passport

  1. Is there a way we can send new passport details for H4, H4 EAD application before they issue RFE?

Also applied for I-485, I-675 and I-131 (Eb2-> EB3 downgrade) back in Oct 2020. We got I-485 EAD got approved and waiting for EAD to come in mail.

My spouse current H4 EAD ends in June 2021. Please suggest what are my option

  1. Use I-485 EAD to continue work after H4 EAD expires in June. If we use I-485 EAD what will be my wife’s visa status? Do we need to revoke H4 extension application ?
    Is there any disadvantages to use I-485 EAD? What happens if EB2 final action dates move much faster than EB3, Can I use EB2 I-140 for adjustment of status ? Before we do that do I need to convert wife’s status back to H4 and apply H4 EAD at that time ?

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions

If H4 uses i485 EAD, then their status is locked and they won’t be able to return to H4 status easily without leaving the US and then entering using H4.

Also, once H4 uses EB3 i485 EAD, they won’t be able to jump to EB2 if it gets current first and you decide to move to that queue.