USPS says iphone has reached Indian customs from USA


I have query related i phone which have sent me (pune india) from USA by my friend as a gift through USPS (First-Class Package International Service) on 4th of march.

USPS is saying it has been reached to indian custom office, i have spoke with custom office (mumbai) they are say still your gift has not received. Even if it received then it will come to your home by post office person.

How to track my parcel ?

USPS provides tracking (if you paid for it) online. Use it to track the package.
Also, they handover it to Indian post once the package reaches India as they do not have their own service there.

I would agree that once the package has left USPS hands, it gets un-reliable as it is on India post to deliver.
And we all know how India Post works!

I would advice you to use USPS global express service (uses FedEx as delivery in India instead of India post) for next time. Its much more reliable and better.