Valid I94 on 797A but recent travel has wrong date on I94 going for H4 extension


  1. We received H4 extension(current) on 03/25/2019 with paper I94 Valid from 11/09/2018 UNTIL 05/09/2021.
  2. We travelled outside of US in JAN 2020 and came back in Feb 2020.
  3. At the time of entry H4 dependents I94 was updated to wrong valid until date to 05/09/2020.(only year is wrong which made it tough to catch.)
  4. We are now filling for extension .

Question is do I need to get the CBP I94 corrected or can I use paper I94 for H4 extension and CBP I94 together for extension purpose ?
Is there a way to correct this online ?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.