Validity of H4 EAD


My H1B is valid till Aug 2022 . I want to apply for H4 EAD for my wife now. If I apply for EAD now, how long will the EAD be valid for when it is issued (will it be till Aug 2022 ). I will be applying for my H1B extension after 6 months. Should I wait and apply for H1B extension and H4 EAD together or apply for EAD now and extend it later after my H1B extension approval…
Will it be of any use to apply EAD now with H1B valid only until Aug 2022
please advise.

EAD will be valid till the H4 validity of your wife.

This depends on when your wife wants to start working, if asap then apply now, if can wait for 6 months apply with H1B & H4 extensions.

It looks like you want others to make decisions on your behalf :slight_smile: Who else then you and your wife knows what is best for you guys!