Validity of old H4 EAD status

Hi Team,
Please share your comments for below scenario

I have H1B visa with employer A approved till 12/31/2021. My spouse got H4 and H4EAD with same valid date 12/31/2021. My spouse working in a company using H4EAD.

I changed my employer from A to B and amendment approved. Both our I797 approved with new date 12/31/2022. I didn’t apply for H4 EAD extension.

Due to emergency situation, we both went to India and got both visas (H1 + H4) stamped with date 12/31/2022.

Question : Can my spouse continue work with old H4 EAD which is valid till 12/31/2021? start renewal process 180 days prior to expiry

You can keep using H4 EAD card as long as its valid. No issues.

Thanks Anil for the feedback