Visa appointment dates/slots in Hyderabad VFC center

We are looking for visa dates in first week of Jan 2020. My company has booked for me in first week and I am doing the same for my wife as their company won’t be doing it - it’s self trip for her. I don’t see the slots and everything is greyed out from Jan - do you happen to know when I can see those dates and why it showed for me and not for her?

Please let me know at earliest and thanks for all your assistance - your info/ suggestions are helpful.

Hi @kumar2

You can keep checking every day to see if any cancellations open any slot for you.
Otherwise, the normal waiting time frame these days is at-least 60 days to get an appointment.

yep i agree but i dont think its opened in Jan for her. Not sure why but i keep checking from day my company started doing for me. Still her profile shows nothing and greyed out.

Any idea if its normal and suddenly shows up one day?

Hi @kumar2

What you are seeing is normal as i have already answered.

Is anyone else seeing May 2020 slots for Hyderabad VFC are grayed out or they are not open for booking yet ??