Visa Approved, Form 221g Admin Processing Questions & Answers

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Hi Anil

I was eligible for dropbox so I did that on April 12th then received 221G asking for few more document which I have submitted in person on April 29th
again they gave 221G this time they didnt ask any document but no timelines were provided. After a week around May 8th they asked me to submit my passport which i did on May 9th. My question are :

since they asked my passport does that mean they have completed verification on my case ?
How long I should wait to get my passport ?

I have seen another guy asking same question but he didnt post any comment after that.


Hi @Dashwin_S

The chances are very high that your visa has been approved as they have asked to submit your passport.

You can expect your US visa stamped passport within 7-15 days now.

Thanks for your reply.

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Hi Anil,

I had my Interview for F1 to H1B visa stamping on April 12th at Hyderabad Location and visa officer asked basic questions, she then told me I didn’t need to submit any documents and I will be getting my passport with in 3-5 business days and I was issued a small White 221g Slip. Its been more than 5 weeks and this is 6th week and here is my Case details.

April 12: Interview
April 15 -23 : Administrative Processing
April 23: Application Received
April 30: Application Received
May 1: Administrative Processing

No update after May 1st. So how long would it possibly take to get next update to my case as it almost 6th week?.

Hi @Harish779

Is your passport still with US embassy or they returned it?

Hi Anil,

My Passport is still with US Embassy, the VO took my passport after Interview.

If the passport is still with embassy, then your case has taken more time than normal.

You should be able to hear or get your stamped passport in next weeks from US embassy.

Thanks Anil, I am hoping to get stamped in next week or so as I am getting closer to 60 days processing time which is June 12.

Hi @Anil.Gupta need your valuable comments on my case, my extension got denied and I traveled back to India, got the new I-129 approved through consular processing through a Big US based company for 3 years- full time employee, I was asked to do dropbox and after that I was asked to appear in-person for interview(alone with spouse’s passport) with some documents to be mailed in advance(new petition docs and proof that I was in legal stay while I waited for h1 ext. appoval) to be mailed (221g blue slip)
Appeared for interview on 16th May, VO didn’t asked any questions related to employment just asked to show my previous h1 ext. receipt on which I waited and asked new h1 filed receipt and exact date of filing, I didn’t had the new h1 receipt and showed the new I797 and told approx date of filing as I couldn’t remember as my attorney’s filed that.

VO gave 221g blue slip and told we don’t need any docs for now and need to do admin processing
VO kept the passports (mine and my wife’s)
Gave a case number and said you can mail if you want to track
My case is still in admin processing (its 7 working days now)

  1. Wanted to get your comments on the same when I can expect the update on the same and if it’s usual or fine?
  2. My attorney’s said in cases like mine admin processing is common and no need to worry just wait and we don’t need to send anything

Should we need to mail something or just need to wait, case shows admin processing with the date as 16th may- day of interview?

Hi @thatguy7

It looks like normal case processing to me. You should be able to get your stamped passport within 14 working days.

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Ok thanks a lot Anil, hoping to get that very soon!!

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Hi Anil,

Can we contact Embassy through my Attorney to see why issuing my Passport is getting delayed this much time? or Do you want me to wait for 60 days (its been 49 days as of today) and then ask my attorney to send an email?.

Hi @Harish779

I can understand the frustration of waiting.

Was your case filed in premium processing? If yes, then your attorney has access to premium service USCIS email and they can contact them to check if there is anything that USCIS would like to verify/confirm with them.

Other than that, there is no option of contacting US embassy directly for your case. You can call US embassy but the status response will be a generic one.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I attended the interview on aprl 9th and got blueslip and returned my passport asking for additional document of petitioner tax filing for two years and my employer submitted the documents on same day of my interview.

last updated date was aprl 17th and till then i dont have any update and it is still under ap and it is almost like 60days.

How long it takes to approve?

Hi @kumuda_chowdary

There is no fixed timeline but for cases like yours, it is taking about 8 weeks at this time.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Thank you for the response. It is already 8weeks. Vo requested for federal tax returns of two years which i submitted on the same day of my interview.

one thing i dont understand was what are they processing from 60 days without any update and not even contacting me or my employer.

Is there any option other than waiting?
Can my employer mail chennaihnl for status?

There is no option other than waiting.

Do you work for a consulting company or direct client?

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Then, chances are good that US embassy is verifying your employer credentials.