Visa Approved, Form 221g Admin Processing Questions & Answers

Hi @kumuda_chowdary

I am just guessing that they may be verifying Employer details.

They may or may not be doing so.

My case is the following: Showed for the interview on May 17th. I was applying for a J1 visa.

Got the a white slip with 221g.
No other papers were requested and they kept my passport. June 7 an update showing Adm Processing again.

Yesterday June 10th an update showed but it came back to “Application Received” What dos this mean?
What am I supposed to expect from here?

Many thanks for your help and answer

Hi @Kellilo

You can expect your US visa stamped passport within 7-14 working days.

I just checked and it came back to AP… :sob:… What now?

Hi @Anil.Gupta I have still not received my passport, yesterday the case got updated again but it’s admin processing, what does that means? If you can share any insights, have not received and mails for any documents, it’s a FT position for a big 500 fortune employer.
It would be great to get any info.

Status AP 29th April, Dropbox and got called for interview, blue slip, mailed asked documents
Interview done 16th may, again 221g blue slip with no further docs asked, status AP 16th May, Passport retained by VO
Case updated 11th June but Status is same AP

Let me know please.

Hi @thatguy7

I re-read your whole situation.

Can you tell more about your previous H1B extension filing dates and how long after the denial you left USA?

Also, have you been changing US addresses every year or so?
Was your old H1B company a consulting company? How big was it? 20-50 employees or more?

Someone just got their passport within 7-14 days as I suggested (Just for your reference):

Thanks for the reply @Anil.Gupta here are the details.

Previous ext was filed in September 18, denial came in March 19 after rfe
Left in 2 days after my employer shared the details with me, same was declared in ds-160 and to new employer
Previous employer was a big Indian IT consulting firm > Changed only 1 address during my stay of 15 months(total stay in US) 3 months first address than 12 months in the last
New employer filed the new petition with all docs in PP and approval came immediately for 3 years

Not sure what’s the delay, hoping I get it very soon!

Hi @thatguy7

ok…so, you extension details look good to me.

You have not mentioned as to when your i94 had expired.

I am not sure why there is a delay now what are they really checking. But, with the documents US embassy had requested, it seems they have doubts on your i94 or violation of legal status.

Hi Anil,

Its been 60 days I have submitted my Passport for stamping and I haven’t heard back anything from Embassy. Is there an email that my Manager could send?. If yes, Could you let me know that.

Hi @Harish779

Your manager’s email will not do anything unless you know the reason for the delay.

Hi @Anil.Gupta
My I-94 expired in Dec-18 and yes they asked in first 221g about extension receipt, so I mailed them the same and explained in the interview, I was within 240 days limit and had receipt of extension and once denied left US, VO looked ok with documents and details nothing further was asked in this regard.
What do u think about this? Not sure what’s the delay.

Hi @thatguy7

Everything looks fine to me based on the explanation you have provided for your case.

I am not sure what kind of validation are they doing at this time.

Thanks a lot @Anil.Gupta hoping to get this soon, really appreciate your quick responses!

Hi @Anil.Gupta I just saw the update, Visa is issued :grinning: so it took sometime (31days) but finally I have got that, really appreciate the work that you are doing and guiding folks like us who are going through a lot of stress and confusion! Thank you so much!!

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

I am healthcare professional MD- My H1 was premium processed and I got an emergency appointment approved with the consulate.
Interview Date: 4 June
I was issued a green 221g slip. No documents were asked from me and the VO took my passport and the slip said “Your application needs additional administrative processing. This office will contact you via email.” My training program starts on 1st July. How long do such cases take?

Hi Anil,

Finally after 61 days (on June 13) I got an email from Embassy saying that they need some information regarding the Encounter I had in 2013 with CBP. I have provided the response with Information on Saturday. How soon can I expect any response from Embassy?.

Hi @thatguy7

Congratulations. Do share the website with your friends if you think it helped.

Hi @rpatel

Cases for admin processing without any additional documents to submit are taking between 14 to 30 days at this time.

Hi @Harish779

What is this encounter about?

Hi Anil,
It was about some fine I paid in 2013 for not mentioning food items clearly.