Visa stamping and I94 end date - Passport expiry 8 months

Hi @anil_am22 and Team,

  1. My Current Passport expiry date is Jan 17, 2023
  2. Drop Box Appointment Scheduled for : May 24, 2022 ( 7.5 months before from Passport Expiry)
  3. US Return date Planned : Jun 28, 2022 (Exactly 6.5 months before Passport Expiry)…


  1. Will there be any issue with Visa stamping and US return with this Passport Validity ? I heard more than 6 months validity is required for Visa stamping and Entering into US.

  2. Also will the i94 expiry date will be in accordance with Passport expiry or H1 i797 expiry ? incase if its updated with Passport expiry , do i have to exit the country and get new i94 with a new passport before expiry date of old passport.

Do you suggest applying for new passport before visa stamping would help to avoid any issues ? If so , i already scheduled the Dropbox appointment with old passport , Can I still go ahead and apply for new passport before Visa Appointment

This should be ok as India is exempt from the 6 months validity requirement.

Visitor Visa.

CBP will issue I-94 till I-797 or passport whichever expires earlier than the other. In your case it will bw the passport.

It is advisable to renew the passport before leaving for India.

You may renew the passport after entering the US. Once renewed you can either file extension of status or travel to Mexico border before your I-94 expiry and extend I-94 based on primary H1B I797.


No issues. You can fill a new DS160 with new passport information, call VFS and provide them with the new DS160 number. When you go for appointment carry the old and new DS160 confirmation page.

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Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi -
Recently only i recieved the h1 transfer approval , on which i94 also shows 2024 as end date. Are you saying that gets updated backdated with my passport expiry date if i enter with old passport ?

Also i stay in raleigh , can this i94 be updated at any near by CBP locations to extend or only at border locations such as Mexico or Canada only ?

Yes. As I mentioned once you enter with old passport, the I-94 issues at POE will be with shortened validity to match your passport expiry if your passport is not valid beyond your I-797 expiry. This I-94 will override the I-94 attached to your I-797.