Visit Australia on TSS-482, Find job, Transfer visa to new employer

Hi Anil,

I have TSS-482 visa sponsored by my company which have a branch in Melbourne and visa valid till Dec 2022

I am working from India and that visa was made for some project opportunity which didn’t materialized in April this year. I don’t see any new opportunity in near future.

Can i go to Australia on my own to Melbourne on this visa, search for a new job there and get my TSS-482 visa transferred to the new employer?

I am not sure if Australia immigration will allow you to enter if you do not come with employer authorization.

You are allowed to change employer or apply for new visa with new employer though while you are in Australia.

The other condition is that you should start working within 90 days of landing in Australia. So, it might be possible but I am not sure if that would be legal to do or not.