Wait for mtr decision or move forward with new perm?

PERM denied in May 2020. Reason was employer not responded to questionnaire email DOL sent. Employer didn’t receive any email and requested motion to reconsider on denied PERM in MAY it self
Still we are waiting for decision from DOL on this.

But meanwhile because wage determination is still valid, employer ran ads and recruitment again to get ready file new PERM . Now they are ready to file new one but looks like old MTR one need to withdraw before filing new one.

My concern here is i am maxing out in Jan 2021. Don’t have much time on waiting for new PERM.
What will good approach here shall i wait for MTR decision or withdraw file new one.

DOL processing times shows reconsideration processing May 2020 one’s but didn’t get any update almost July month is gone.

Waiting for MTR is good choice considering my maxout time?
Any suggestions ?

Its your personal choice. If you are running short on time, its better to go ahead and file again.

I understood. My only concern filing new one is chance of getting approval in Dec 2020.
Looking for best case.

How long reconsideration decision takes ? Currently DOL website shows May 2020.

In this web site its showing already June reconsideration are in process.