Waiting time for invitation 189 and 190 for developer programmer

Hii All,

I have filed EOI for job code 261312 developer programmer for 189 as well as for 190 for NSW with 70 and 75 points respectively. Within how much time I should expect the invitation?

When did you file EOI?

Hi Anil,

I filed EOI on 3rd Feb, but it was updated on 23rd March to 70 points for 189 as my experience increased to 8 years.

As per my estimate, you can expect an invite around Oct 2019 for 261312 developer programmer with 70 points.

Thanks Anil,
That is not a bad news for me :slight_smile: …and how about 190? Can I expect it soon for NSW or Victoria?

If he had 75 points for 189, what month would you predict for him?

I do not have any data to estimate state invites. They usually invite the people who have a chance of 189 invite. So, both are almost same.

With 75 points, you may be able to get invite around Aug 2019.

Hi All,

I have lodged an eoi on 21 March with points 70 for developer programmer. What are my realistic chances to recieve the invitation considering the lower invitation cap (160000) for the Year 2019-20?

The chances are low for an invite with 70 points with new reduced quota.

So it means only candidates with score 75+ will get invited?

At this time, that look like the case. More information will be known once they start issuing invites.

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