Want to Apply for offshore 190

Hello Anil,

I studied Bachelor of Information Technology at the Charles Darwin University in NT, Australia. After my graduation I applied for a 485 visa which was declined because I forgot to submit AFP check. So came back to my country in Bangladesh and also got a job as a business analyst in a private company. Its been almost six months in my job and I am planning to apply for acs assessment once I complete a year with my company.

I saw that the study units for business analyst that are outlined in the ACS website does not match all of the units that I studied but on my university website there are couple of units which are mentioned if you study them you can apply for assessment as a Business Analyst. Please check the image

Also, my job responsibilities does not match exactly with the job responsibilities mention on the ACS website for business analyst but I spoke with my manager and he is happy to edit the reference letter the way I need it to pass the assessment. Will this be a problem?

I scored 70 points in the pr points calculator and that also includes the 5 points for living in regional area and 5 points for state nomination.Can you please tell me of what are the chances of me having a positive outcome through the whole process and how long it might take. Can you also please provide me a detailed list of what are the documents i will need, to pass the assessment and also the process I will need to follow from the ACS till 190 PR application?

Hello Anil,

Thank you for the reply before. I wanted to take nomination from the NT state as i have stayed there for more than 2 years and graduated from the university from there. But they have changed requirements for the EOI on 5th june.

As you can see on the screenshot they now require a employment offer letter for my nominated occupation. So, I wanted to know is it possible for me to get the assessment and then travel to australia on a tourist visa and apply for EOI as an onshore applicant and apply for 489/190 visa as an onshore applicant aswell?

here is the other screenshot for my nominated occupation

Visitors are not considered onshore applicants. You are in Australia for tourism and not job while on Visitor visa.