We need your support to stop H1B abuse

According to USCIS, the H-1B visa program “should help U.S. companies recruit highly-skilled aliens when there is a shortage of qualified workers in the country.” In recent years, multiple sources have reported that staffing companies abuse the system by filing duplicate H1b petition registrations for the same worker, sometimes even with no job offer in hand. This crowds out legitimate foreign workers who abide by the rule and only file one petition per person. Moreover, most of these foreign workers are highly educated with STEM PhDs and masters and are already among the highest-tax payers in the country.

We are a group of unfairly drawn victims by the H-1B lottery in the fiscal year 2022. We ultimately hope to protect our rights through the law and provide a fair chance to draw lots. If you are one of the victims, please join us to face and speak together!

Here is our official website, and you can find all our information on it.


Right now, we already emailed some immigration lawyers. While we are seeking litigation options, you can join us in the following ways.

  1. Fill out our survey and forward it to someone you know
  1. Contact the president of your university and send an email to him/her (the content of the template is below)
  1. Contact the congressmen/women in your state, call or email (the template content is below)
  • email
  1. Contact your manager and HR, and share your thoughts (the content of the template is below)