What address to use if moving after filing h4 and h4 EAD renewal?

I need to apply Amendment and extensions for h1 and h4+EAD in this month. Since I need to move from state X to state Y after filing, which address should I use for h4 extension filing and ead details because I have to receive h4 receipt number, h4 biometric appointment schedule, h4 ead receipt and both approval notice with EAD card?

Anyone who come across this situation earlier and how you handled the scenario will be much helpful in this timely need. Thanks.

Note: Having experiences of h4 ead card delivery was sent to old address even after filing AR 11 and return back to USCIS. Then USCIS took 8 months to resend card after approval. So trying to avoid this.

Common sense says that use the new address if you have already seen what happens if you change the address on USCIS site.

@Anil.Gupta Thanks Anil.
#1. The problem is i dont have new address to use it now while filing h4 and EAD before moving. I will be moving to new location after this amendment + extension, h4 and EAD filed.
#2. As per your say, If i use new address there is also one more concern. where i will get h4 biometric appointment schedule state location? obviously new state Y address location but due to this COVID-19, relocation travel is restricted in my organization level for time being. so we don’t know when i will be moving after filing. Probably it can take between 1-4 months of times anytime. Main intention is, i don’t want to miss any letter from USCIS and shouldn’t miss biometric as per appointment provided by USCIS to particular state and location on date and time.

please advise. Thanks.

If you don’t have any other option, then it is better to use your attorney or Employer’s address.

@Anil.Gupta Thanks. I really appreciate your responses.