What can we predict for next invitation round in April by January,2021 round results?

I checked the invitation rounds page today and saw the Invitations issued on 21 January 2021. There were 200 invitations issues for 189 category but looking at Occupation codes it is mostly for 2339 (other engineering professions).

Can we expect invitations for 2631 / 2613 / 2611 in next round which is going to be held in April ?

The invitation round is like a black box. You don’t know what will happen. But mostly 189 will again be focused on healthcare job codes and few codes relevant to Aus economy during this pandemic.
Many nurses received 189 invites in last round of Jan 21 which might remain the same for next few rounds.

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G’day All,

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe, wondering if someone can advice here…

I’m working as a software engineer with 10 years experience and got my ACS assessment as software engineer successfully, currently have 85 points for 189 and 90 points for 190, submitted my EOI in Sept last year, I’m currently working onshore,
Any luck with the 189 or 190 in the near future? Or what other options I can pursue?.
Any suggestions are welcome, Tx.

You can read this article: