What if L1A extension is denied while i140 is pending?

hi Anil,
my husbands petition expires on march 17th 2019, (he is on L1a blanket visa), visa valid till 2021 jan. he has applied for extension in nov 2018 normal processing and waiting for decision.

company is ready to file i-140 for gc process.

suppose if extension is denied, and i-140 is pending what should i do for my legal stay…what about my i- 140 decision.

will the filing be wasted… can i apply for EAD and AP along with i-140?

if i apply for ead and ap will it helps for my legal stay…please advise…

I do not understand your situation and question at all.

What is your visa status in USA? L2 dependent visa or you are also on L1?

Also, Has your i485 been already filed?
If not, then why are you talking about EAD and AP if i485 has not yet been filed?

My husband is on L1a, me and my daughter on L2 dependent . visa is valid till jan 2021 and petition expires on 17th march 2019. this is his last extension . applied for extension under normal processing in nov 2018. now company is ready to file for green card processing. with extension decision pending , can i file for i-140. if extension is denied, and i-140 pending, how can i remain in the US? what about my i-140 decision pending? is it advisable to file for i-140 now? there is no premium processing for l1a holder for filing i-140.how long will it take for i-140 approval under normal processing ?

You, as a L2 dependent cannot file i140.

Your L1 spouse’s Employer has to file i140 for him.

I140 processing time can be checked here.

yes, on behalf of my husband , iam asking.,

If the L1 extention is denied, you cannot stay in USA even if i140 is pending.

What if u have approved i140 on L1 A blanket and u filed for green card as the dates are current now and extension gets denied

You can stay in the US based on pending i485.