What is Birth Certificate of the Applicant (Issued by EOI/Consulate)?

I have completed all the steps required for the application for my Daughter’s passport renewal but before shipping documents, I have the below question in the Document Checklist.

As per the checklist Birth Certificate of the Applicant ( Self Attested Copy) is required, which I can send but at the same time Birth Certificate of the Applicant (Issued by EOI/Consulate)* Applicants should visit EOI/Consulate and get a birth certificate within 1 year. ( Self Attested Copy) is also required.

I am not sure how this Birth certificate is different and do we need to send this document as my daughter is born in India and is an Indian citizen.

The Birth certificate (issued by Consulate) is NOT applicable to kids born in India and who have Indian birth certificate. You can ignore it.

@anil_am22 Hey Anil, is the Birth certificate(Self attested copy) a required document if I am renewing my Passport? I see it listed in checklist as “Additional documents as applicable”, so not sure if it’s mandatory for everyone.