What is to be done after I797 C approved?

Hi everyone

I have a query regarding the H1B status and what are my options.
My H1B petition was approved after going through the RFE process and I have an I797 C form approved until June 2023. I understand that this is not a visa.
I live in India and I have never travelled to the US and neither have I attended a Visa interview.
My query is what are my options if I want to switch companies now in India. My current employer had filed the H1B petition and now its approved. There are not a lot of opportunities to travel in the near future either(1-2 years) in my current company.

So, I wanted to know if i can switch to another company in India and still use the current H1B approved I797 C to travel later?

If I switch company now in India, will my I797 C approval form be null and invalid?

What are my options to retain the H1B approval and work for a different company?

Can someone please shed some light here?


You can’t use your current H1B to work for another employer. Your new employer will need to file a Change of Employer/transfer H1B petition for you. However it depends on the adjudicating officer if the transfer can be approved as you have technically not activated your existing H1B, meaning you haven’t travelled to the US and started the H1B job.

More details in the below link.

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