What needs to be done after we receive Green card

We received our Green card 3 weeks ago , please let me know what needs to be done.

Congrats! First and foremost, you should party with your friends and family! :slightly_smiling_face:

Below are few things you can do after getting your GC.

  1. Once you get GC, your non-immigrant status automatically expires.
    If you were on H1B/H4 EAD/L1/L2/OPT EAD and already have SSN card, it will normally have annotation on it that says ‘valid for work only with DHS authorization’.
    After getting GC you can work for any employer without restrictions and so you need to call your nearest SSN office and get an appointment to replace your SSN card. They will issue you a new card with same SSN number but without any annotation.
    If you never worked on non-immigrant dependent status, you can now apply for SSN.

  2. Provide copy of GC to your employer so they can update I-9 record.

  3. Update any ITIN used by your dependents in your HR system, so that tax and health insurance records are up-to-date. This is important if your employer is issuing 1095-B/C that covers your dependents and while using those benefits.

  4. Update the ITIN to SSN for your kids in college as they get 1098-Q and in any college savings account you hold for kids as beneficiaries as it get reported to IRS and you might receive 1099-Q.

  5. Call IRS ITIN department and update them that you received SSN and that you will no longer be using ITIN. They will update your records in their internal systems.
    Also make sure any new federal or state tax returns you file in future will reference your SSN instead of ITIN.
    If you are filing taxes in India as NRI, make sure you update ITIN to SSN

  6. Any other financial accounts you hold and may have beneficiary or nominee information, make sure you update their ITIN to newly issued SSN.

  7. Maintain all the past immigration and job records from when you were in non-immigrant status. These records need to be preserved till you naturalize and get your US citizenship.

  8. You can apply to be a US citizen before 90 days of your 5th year anniversary on LPR status.

  9. If you move or relocate in the US while in LPR status, make sure you file AR-11 with USCIS so your address records are up-to-date.

  10. If you not choose to be US citizen, note that your green card will expire after 10 years so just like your passport, you need to keep a note of the expiry so you can renew in a timely manner.

I am sure there mighy be other things that can be done, but the above is a quick list of most important things to do after you get your GC.

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