What should I mention as my skills in skills certificate?

Hi Anil,

I am planning to immigrate to Canada. For that i would want to get a skills certificate from previous company. I have worked for 13 years in the previous company ( software services company - TCS) wherein I had held many different roles and responsibilities. Out of which major were in the areas of Program, Account Management, Project Management, Business & Presales Support. (in the other words I was drawn away from technological field to more of management work). So what has happened is; over years, I have not remained handson with technologies like C, Java etc… Also my domain area has been into Real-time applications and Control & Automation field.

So I would like to understand what should I mention as my skills in skills certificate

You have to check what Canadian immigration demands in the skill letter.
The above article is for USA green card’s skill letter requirements.

Normally, you would just write your work experience i.e. whatever you have (just like the way you have mentioned in your comment) for Canadian skills evaluation. They are more concerned about your real work experience rather than the technology.