What to do if passport re-issue not happened even after 5 weeks?

My son (not a minor) applied for re-issue of Indian passport for change in appearance (which does not have Tatkal option per VFS). It has been four weeks since the US Embassy in Washington DC received the application (5 weeks after VFS got it) and the status still shows " Your application has reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process". VFS shrugs and says they cannot do anything (their website says three weeks processing time). We have confirmed that local police verification is done in India and they have uploaded report. Embassy phone has busy tone anytime you call and email (cons6.washington@mea.gov.in) is not answered. Is there any recourse? Will going physically to the Embassy help? My son needs to travel to India in a week’s time.

Reach out to them on Twitter. That may help. The processing time they have in their FAQs is 30 working days for normal processing. So they are well within that time. If you can visit them personally to check on it (if they allow), you can try that too given the upcoming travel.

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Hi, can you please let me know what you had done to get your passport update ? And by when did you finally get your passport ?

The fastest option is to fill the form and submit all requested documents correctly.

After that, they usually issue passport within a month.