What will be H4 EAD start date if filing H1B, H4 and H4 EAD extension concurrently?

Hi, We applied for spouses H1 ext + my H4 ext + EAD (new) concurrently in PP
Spouses current H1 is valid till 09/09/2019 (we have applied 6 months in advance for extension)
My question is - what would be start date on my H4 EAD?

would it be current date (as i already have H4) or future date (09/09/2019)

The H4 EAD start date will be same as the start date of H1B extension approval which would be 9/10/2019 i.e. the future date.

Hi, I have an update if it helps others

I got EAD with start date as current (on the day ead actually approved). In my case it was last week

You are lucky. Usually USCIS does not give this start date.

I am curious to know the H4 EAD validity end date in your case. Can you share it?

It was same as my spouse’s H1 validity… 08/30/2022

Great. You got extremely lucky there.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your case details.

Thank you.
Not sure if i can ask ithis question here or need to create a separate topic.
I filled DS-160 to attend for visa interview at “Hyderabad” consulate. I have submitted the form online yesterday but haven’t paid the fees $190 yet.
Is it possible to change my visa interview location to “Delhi”?

Yes, you can change your US visa Embassy location.

I had answered same question on our other forum truvisa.com in detail here:
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Thank you. that was helpful