What will happen to h1b once I quit tcs usa


I lost my mom due to pandemic. I am currently stuck in India. I got two years left on h1b. I got offer in an Indian company. If I join company here they’re not going to transfer h1b. So if I don’t transfer h1b what are the options in future to come back to USA.

Can I come. After one year once my father is stable
Please help

Sorry to hear about your loss @Victory90

You can file H1B transfer and come to the US whenever you find an employer who is ready to sponsor.
Your H1B is not lost even if old employer withdraws it.


Thanks for Reply

I am in india now my father is not in good shape.
Now I got a offer letter for a company in indka3.
If I resign to tcs usa now ,will my h1b revoked
And if I want to go in future after 8 months through any Consultancy. Is that possible