What's the cost of writing RPL for Australia study visa/PR

Hi Anil,

This is regarding RPL for Australian student visa. I am an IELTS & PTE trainer, and looking for RPL to obtain Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as per AQF standards. This is to apply either for Australia study visa or skilled migration as I don’t have a degree in the relevant occupation.

Could you please confirm the cost for RPL . My agents are telling me the cost to be between 3000 – 3500 Aud, including recognition assessment as well as certificate. I couldn’t find any relevant source of this info on internet. Your assistance will be of great help.


There is no official source for writing RPL. Ideally, you should write RPL yourself.

What you are asking is the price of ‘copy pasting’ the RPL which agents do.

Now, you decide how much you want to pay for the copy pasting job.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the response!

Honestly speaking, I am not sure how the RPL process works, and this is the information I was looking on internet. With your response, it seems similar to CDR writing(which I am aware of). It is just that my agents asked me for the fees of 3000 dollars for complete RPL process(assessment + certificate), and I don’t want to end up paying more for something which I can do myself.

If you could provide some info about what is the RPL process for study visa and for PR process, and the cost involved(not for RPL writing) for RPL assessment and certificate, and the relevant source, that would be really helpful. I am new to RPL process, and not sure how this whole process for RPL works in either case.

Just to add, I am looking for RPL assessment to gain certificate 4 @ AQF Level to apply for level 1 Education provider, or to apply for skill assessment through VETASSESS, whichever case suits me best.

Thank you!