What's the right time to File Australia PR EOI?

is there anything like RIGHT TIME/ Suitable time for filing EOI based on score nand occupation to increase chances of getting invitation?

Thank you

There is no such thing a “right/good time”. If you are serious about Australia PR process, then there is no reason why you should delay in submitting your EOI. Your EOI is valid for 2 years from date of submission. In case there are any changes with your application, you can obviously do the required changes in your EOI and if that change causes an increase or decrease in your overall points then your D.O.E (Date of effect) changes.
Also, I hope you are aware of the current trend for 189 invitations. Candidates having 90+ points are being invited. So, you should try increasing your points (if you have the option for it) but submit the EOI and do the changes as and when the need arises.

hi, thank you do much for your reply.