When to file h4 EAD extension if H1B, H4 extension are pending

recently filed for h1b extension + h4 extension but did not include h4 EAD extension in the packet.
I have received receipt notice for both h1b ext and h4 but both are currently pending approval.
No biometric received in current situation where everything is delayed.
When should i file h4 EAD extension? Can i file it based on h1b receipt

You can file H4 EAD anytime you want using H1B receipt number:

If we file H4 EAD along with H1B and H4 extension and choose ©(26) for item 27 on form I-765, should we enter CURRENT H1B receipt number (that’s expiring in let’s say few months) on item 29?

(If we enter CURRENT H1B receipt number, will approved EAD end date be only till CURRENT H1B end date? (or) till EXTENSION H1B date since we filed extension and EAD at the same time?)