When US embassy will open in india

Hi Sir/Madam,

When US embassy will open in india?
Currently, I am in the USA with an H1B visa. I have to apply B2 Visa to my mother for my wife’s delivery in US.
My mother is in india.
Is it possible to apply? if so, how many days will take to get the visa?

The information would be much appreciated!


Nobody knows when the US embassy will open in India.

B1/B2 visa process.

Thanks for your reply.

As per my knowledge, there is no restriction for B1/B2 Visa. Am i correct?
I can apply this Visa once embassy get reopened.


Any update on the new B2 visa? In the appointment portal, not finding slots for B2. any chance to open soon?

US Consulates in India is going to open B2 Visa stamping anytime soon?