When will austalia resume the skilled migration program?

I have done my skill assessment and my wife is waiting for skill assessment. My agent contacted me yesterday and told not sure when australia will resume the skilled migration. He told there is a chance for suspension of the program for prolonged period. May be 1 year or more until the economic situation gets better. Is there a chance for this situation? Please provide your opinions

Hey there!

Australia has never officially accepted/informed that the skilled migration has been suspended. DHA and states are still sending invitations for 189/190/491. However, the preference is being given to either onshore applicants or those related to critical sectors needed for Aus Economy. And the processing has been delayed which is obvious seeing the current pandemic.

Not sure on which basis your agent said that or maybe his/her wordings are a bit unclear. There is no suspension but as mentioned earlier the visa/invitation processing is delayed. Immigration is vital for Australia’s economy and the govt cannot scrap it altogether. The annual budget announcement (FY 20-21) will take place on 6th Oct, 2020 and the rumors around Immigration will be put to rest then. So, keep an eye on that in case you wishes to know more about the immigration thing.