Where can i find Perm Case Number?

Hi Anil,

I have one ? , Where can we find the perm case number , Lawyer has submitted my perm today . If I want to check my case status how can I do that, Lawyer has sent me final draft of my perm application can we find the case number on it?

Hi @chandu

Please do not write short forms. Like you always do for ?.

You have to ask your attorney for sharing the PERM case number.

Sure Anil , I have one doubt Anil , my lawyer has sent me final perm draft application for review before submission can we find case number on that, I see ETA case number starting like T-XXXXX-XXXXX is this the perm case number.

It is possible that it could be the PERM case number.

When the PERM application is saved in DOL system, a case number is generated and it is usually this number that you see.

Thanks Anil for the reply , My perm was filed on sep 12th, 2019 when can I expect my approval.