Where to pay tax if worked in India till Sept end then moved to US?


I worked in India till Sept end then moved to US and now i am on US payroll.
Please guide me on tax, where shall i show Oct - Dec income, in US or India?

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You will have to file your US income tax return (Nov and Dec) in the US. You will receive W2 for this income from your company in Jan or Feb. Use it to file form 1040 (US IT return).

For the earlier income in India, you will receive the Form-16 from your company in India and you will have to file ITR in India, around July.

I think your confusion is about the US income is taxed in India or vice versa. It actually depends on the resident status.

Since, you will not be a resident of the US (search for substantial presence test - simply means stayed here for 6 months or more), then you need to file taxes on all your worldwide income. Since you will not pass this criterion, you are not supposed to count that Indian income for this year.

From next year onwards, you will need to add your Indian income (if any) to US income. At that time, you will need help from this article: