Whether to travel on J2 or H1B

I am currently in India and have a expired H1 Visa. I still have 2 years left to max out and my company is filing for my H1 extension from India. At the same time my wife received a postdoc offer from a reputed US university and they have processed her J1 and my J2 visa. I am currently in a dilemma over whether I should travel on J2 or should wait for my H1 visa.

  1. If I travel on J2 I cannot continue with my current job and have to take a break before I get my EAD.
  2. Not sure if I can move from J2 to H1B, does it matter if my H1B approval comes before or after I move to US? FYI it’s getting filed in premium processing. From what I read it may not be possible to move from J2 with home residency to H1b.
  3. If I travel on H1b I cannot immediately travel with my wife, since it will take me time for visa appointment etc. Also, our work locations are going to be different. Also definitely J2 EAD provides more flexibility over H1b.

Looking for your kind inputs. TIA.

I would travel on J2 and then file H1B COS while in the US.

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Thanks Anil. Can I go for H1b cos once my h1 extension is approved or have to wait until the home residency waiver is approved?