Which Affidavit of Support form To Use - i864 or i864ez?


My husband is using his income and assets both, so which form need to fill for Affidavit of support?

Whether i864 or i864ez? @Anil.Gupta

Hi @Yasmin

You need to tell your complete situation to help you with answers. The form changes based on the visa type you are filing and the purpose.

CR1 spouse visa… my husband is the only sponsor and he is using his salary income, his assets like house mortgage and bank statement too…

So what form of Affidavit of Support, we need to fill and upload at ceac?

My second question is :
Can we upload the last two pages of tax returns of 2019? As we have not gotten tax transcripts yet. We are going to upload
2018 Tax transcripts along with w2
2017 tax transcripts along with w2

And 2019 tax return along with w2

So tax return should of 2019 should be uploaded under " Required Financial documents" ?

You should fill form i864 affidavit of support.

Tax transcripts should be available now. I suggest to upload full tax return for 2019 too.

Should I need to upload DS 55040 (public Charge form) at ceac or should I fill and take to interview?

Second question is about health insurance. Should I need a letter from employer? What that letter called? Any specific name? @Anil.Gupta

You can upload the public charge form too.

You can request your employer to share details of group health insurance policy that they offer each employee. This should be enough.

We have already uploaded and submitted everything a week ago… So if now we submit DS5504 form, will the clock reset or it will consider the first date submission?

Hi @Yasmin

Nobody knows if the clock resets or not. Nothing is shared officially. Even if it does, you cannot change it.

And along with form DS5504, anything else need to upload or just the form will suffice?

I am not aware of any other requirement. It varies by each case though. Do you have any lawyer helping you with your case?

If yes, then show all your case details to them and they can guide you.

Right now I am at NVC stage waiting for DQ. Because of this coronavirus pandemic, interview in India US consulate has been cancelled. So if in case, I get DQ in April and by that time every thing goes normal , will I be delayed in getting Interview letter, as many of others who got cancelled recently will be served first?

Everything goes by the queue. Whosoever got in the queue first will get a chance first.

Do not worry. You are not alone.


We know that right now Mumbai US consulate is closed. Is that so, that NVC still sending out Interview letter and than will reschedule it later when the embassies of specific country reopens?

They will reschedule again once US embassy reopens.

so does that mean that… NVC still sending out the Interview Letter?