Which ANZSCO Code have high chance for offshore invitation

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May I know which ANZSCO code from below is having high chance to get invite with score 75-80

261111 - ICT Business Analysts
261112 - Systems Analysts
263111 - Computer Network and Systems Engineer

I hold 4 years bachelor Degree in Information Systems Management and I have 13+ years of experience related, and I am preparing for ACS assessment, so do I have a chance for Major assessment for 8y experience also ?

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With 75-80 points for a Pro-Rata occupation, you have minimum chances of receiving an invite for 189 or even 190. There are so many onshore people waiting at 90/95 points since a long time with no invitation. If you have the option of increasing your points, go ahead. The more the points are, the less is the waiting time.

Thank You negi
I might have a chance to increase the points to 90 or 95 with State nomination, however I wanted to know the best ANSZCO code to do assessment with, also could you please let me know if my chance with 190/491 visa is fine.

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How can you increase your scores from 75-80 to 90/95 just with state nomination. I hope you are aware that State nomination only gives 5 points and that is for 190 visa.

Sorry, can’t answer your second question related to the ANZSCO code. @Anil.Gupta might be of help here.

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