Which i94 will be valid?

I have my H1B extension approved where i797A has i94 with effective date of 5th Aug 2022 and expiring on 13th Aug 2025.

However, if I travel sometime in June 2022 and get a new i94 at POE in June 2022, which i94 would be valid after 5th August 2022? Is that the i94 obtained at POE or the i94 in the H1b extn approval?

Note: I am not planning to get my visa stamped with the new H1b approval obtained. So, I will be travelling back with my current H1B visa valid until 14th Aug 2022. I am hoping that POE officer will give me i94 as per the new approved petition. However, if POE officer gives i94 only until 14th Aug 2022 (which is my current visa expiry date), I want to know if the i797a’s i94 dates take effective after 5th Aug 2022.