While my H4 extension is pending my H1B got approved

Hello Anil,

I entered US in H4 and Dec, 2019 I filed my H4 extension based on spouse H1B. Meantime my I40 got approved and my employer A filed H1B during Dec, 2019 but after H4 Extension filed. My H1B got approved. After six months I joined Employer B and my H1B got extended again.
But I did not Cancel/Withdraw my H4. Meantime I changed my US address. Now I got a mail from USCIS that my H4 is denied due non appearance for Biometric,
Does this has a bad impact as this is denial though I am not in H4 anymore ? or do I have to update USCIS that I moved to H1B after H4 extension file. It says I have to open form I-290B if want to reopen within 33 days. Should I do that ?.. Thank you for the Help. - BaR

Based on what you have shared, you should have ideally withdrawn the H4.

But, i still think that there should not be any issue as long as you are maintaining H1B status.

Thank you Anil for the response . As you mentioned I should have withdrawn my H4. That is the mistake I did. Yes I am on H1B currently and will be in this status.