Who will receive the H4 EAD RFE document - Attorney or spouse?

I have filed H4-EAD(for spouse) renewal along with H1 + H4 extension through Attorney .

My H1 is approved on 16th Dec 2019 and Jan 15th H4 is approved and same day there was an RFE on H4-EAD. my question is who will receive the RFE document?

is it Attorney or my spouse?

Hi @sgthirakala

RFE documents will be sent to the address mentioned in the form as ‘mailing address’.

If it was filed by an attorney, then chances are high that attorney gave their own address.

You must have signed the i765 H4 EAD form. If you have kept a copy for your records, you can check it in form.

Hi Anil,

Thank you very much for your response. Just I verified the i765 H4 EAD form.

In that section Part 2 and section 5.a “Your U.S Mailing Address” has my address and another section in Part 5 and 3.a contains “Preparer’s Mailing address”.

This has Attorney mailing address. I am bit confused here.

In this case do I receive the RFE document or Attorney?

Please confirm. Thanks in Advance.

It should be sent to attorney.