Why I am getting 5 additional points when submitting 190 Regional

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know that I have submitted my EOI on skill select but my current points are 75 but after the score break down it appears to be 80 points. Those 5 points are from, Regional nomination which I have received yet, and I can’t even disable or uncheck that option what shall I do?

I’d appreciate your response.

190 is a state sponsored visa (and not regional visa) and gives you an additional 5 (State sponsored) points in your total/overall GSM points. When you will submit an EOI for 190 (for any state), you will automatically be granted these 5 points along with your total points, for ex; in your case it is 75+5=80 points. You cannot disable/uncheck this when submitting an EOI.

491 is a regional (provisional) visa. You can read more about it here:

Thank you Pooja, I thought I was doing something wrong. Anyhow, on this April I’ll complete 8 years of my work experience and I can then claim 80 points + 5( as you mentioned for the state) total would be 85.

Do you think I have any realistic chance for 190 visa for Anzco: 313112 (ICT Customer Support) as an-offshore?

Thanks for your reponse.

Well, nobody can say anything about the offshore candidates right now as the states haven’t come up with anything official on that. Most of the states for now are focusing on critical care occupations and those specifically residing in that state. So you will have to keep an eye on the official website of each state to know about their Criteria for FY 20-21.