Will ACS accept consolidated mark sheets?

Hi, Do we need to submit individual marksheets? or consolidated marksheets.
I do not have individual marksheet, but I have consolidated. Will it be rejected during ACS verification?

Hi @LakshmanVignesh

Consolidated mark sheet works fine with ACS assessment.

Hi Anil,
I don’t have my individual college semester mark sheets ( done my engineering in Tamil Nadu) but I have got my consolidated mark sheet and degree certificate.

is that fine? Pls advise.
And also my ACS result letter says unsuitable for all.

Hi @Sathya_Seelan

Consolidated mark sheet and degree certificate are acceptable by ACS.

Have you already got the assessment completed or preparing to apply? If ACS has already given negative result, please share the ACS report screen shot here for further guidance.

Hi Anil,

Actually I’ve submitted the below documents black and white (xerox) attested with JP in the month of Nov and 've got the result letter on Jan 8 with all negative. I did my engineering in BE .EEE and my work visa (2014 -2018 on developer role) and then got a extension of 2 years with Tester role (2018- june 2020)

  1. Payslip india and australia ( first and last)
  2. degree certif and consolidated mark sheet
  3. passport
  4. stats declaration

I think something got changed in this month. please advise me on what ANZSCO code I should apply?

Also list of documents to be submitted. Again, just wanted to be sure that for ACS doesn’t require individual semester mark sheet?

I’ve just got a week time to resubmit the ACS.

Many thanks for your help, Anil. Thanks

Hi @Sathya_Seelan

As i already said that consolidated mark sheets are acceptable.

You need to submit scanned COLOR copies of all your documents and two different financial payment proofs.

I think your ACS assessment has been denied due to black and white scans and only one mode of financial proof.

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Thanks so much Anil. I’ve got the acs assessed. Need your help for applying PR( 489) . If you’ve got the list of documents or checklist, pls send me across. Thanks in advance!!

Hi @anil_am22 @LakshmanVignesh,

I really need your help. I’m planning to apply for ACS but i don’t have my consolidated marksheet, instead i have all individual marksheets. Are individual marksheets (all 8 semesters) acceptable?

Individual mark sheets are acceptable.

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Thanks for your prompt response @anil_am22