Will ACS accept Salary slips on company letter head?

Is it necessary that the salary slip evidence should be on the letterhead and stamped?

My company name got changed after 2 years of working. I requested them for the salary slips now.

They provided me all the slips on letter head and stamped but the first 2 years of salary slips are not on letter head and plain paper (though stamped).

Is it acceptable as some are on the letter head and initial 2 years on plain paper. Please note that all of them are stamped by the company.

Should i skip the salary proof of first 2 years as the total work experience for the company is 8 years?

You are fine as long as the salary slips are genuine and you can also show bank statements with same company and amount credit.

Payslips on plain paper will also work.

I am showing the tax form as the second evidence. Tax forms for all years and salary slips (2 for each year). So should i submit the first 2 years as well?
Please assist.

2 financial documents are required for each year of your work experience. If you leave first 2 years, ACS might now count those two years at all.

My first company was from AUG’10 to NOV’11
I have all the salary slips and bank statements with company name on statement but for last there months

  1. Sept’11 - I got check payment - check details in bank statement - Salary Slip is available
  2. Oct’11 & NOV’11 - Full & Final Settlement - made by check - check details in bank statement - Salary slip not available.

Can you suggest if last 3 months are problem or not?


I would like to know, is it ok to submit salary certificate instead of Salary slips and what if I don’t have both bank statement and 16A form.